Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you primarily serve?
  • Storyline Financial Planning was designed to empower Millennials, in their 20’s and 30’s, to live more meaningful lives. By working with this target demographic I am able to focus precisely on  issues that specifically affect this generation. This has allowed me a greater degree of understanding and relevance while also allowing me to provide better value for my clients through the offered services. Beyond that, I've been focused on serving Christians, ministry workers, and ministry volunteers.
What if I’m not in your “target demographic”?
  • That's alright! I’d love to help you find a financial planner that's better suited for you. If you need some immediate advice feel free to contact me and I may be able to work with you on an hourly arrangement.
What does working with you look like?
  • Depending on if we're a good match to work together, working with me can look a few different ways.  This can range from working with me on an hourly basis to satisfy your immediate needs or by establishing an on-going relationship to implement and monitor a financial plan. I often recommend a financial plan be created in order to diagnose your current situation, but from there you are free to implement on your own or utilize my services.
Are there any account minimums in order to become a client?
  • No, there aren’t any asset minimums in order to become a client.  However, asset management is an add-on service, to comprehensive financial planning (on-going client), but isn’t a determining factor when evaluating prospects.  
How are you compensated for your service?
  • Great question! I am compensated on a fee-only basis.  This means that I provide advice and service for a specified fee that you will be made aware of.  I don’t sell any products and therefore, I nor any related party earn any commissions whatsoever. You can count on transparent fees for service.   
Do you operate under the fiduciary or suitability standard?
  • I operate under the fiduciary standard. The fiduciary standard requires that the adviser put the client’s interests above his or her own interests.  On the contrary, the suitability standard only requires that the adviser make recommendations that are “suitable” for the client’s circumstances. A recommendation may be "suitable" for a client but not in their best interest.       
Where is your office located?
  • I have chosen to be “office independent”.  This means I don’t have an actual storefront office but rather work wherever there is a secure internet connection.  I primarily work from home but also have the flexibility to work on the go and while out of town.  Because rent is one of the largest overhead expenses for businesses I have removed it as an operating expense in order to produce a more affordable cost for my services. My lack of an official storefront does not change my availability though.  
If you don’t have an office, how and when do you meet with clients?
  • In today’s high-tech environment more and more can be done virtually, or online.  I can meet with all prospects and clients via telephone or video call (local clients/prospects can opt for a face-to-face meeting).  Meeting via web video call is the preferred method because of its sheer convenience for both myself and the client/prospect.  Due to the increased flexibility, I’m able to offer various meeting times that include normal business hours, after business hours, weekends, and by appointment only (if needed).
What type of access can I expect to have from a “virtual financial planner”?
  • You can expect to have unfettered access via phone, text, or email.  Because of technology I'm able to seamlessly stay connected with my clients.  You can expect a response within 24 hours of contact unless stated otherwise due to certain circumstances.


Still have questions?

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