Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved a great story.  Whether it was a phenomenal movie or a personal anecdote it always seemed to hit the spot. As years passed I made the connection that our own lives are stories being lived out in real time.  We have innumerable blank pages ready to capture our experiences as we walk through life.  There are three main narratives that significantly represent my life and I'd love to share them with you.

  •  The most significant story playing out in my life is my faith in Jesus Christ.  A life that once lacked hope and fullness has been given a rich new life.  Because of this relationship I've been able to look at people and the world through a new lens.  What I need has been provided for and even much of what I want.  For this, I am extremely grateful and continually seek contentedness in all I have.
  • The second wonderful on-going narrative in my life is family.  I'm very fortunate to have married my best friend, Amy! Amy shows me Christ daily with how well she loves me and those around her.  Our daughter EveLynn was God's blessing and reassuring promise to us of His goodness and provision. She's joyful and will be as goofy as her parents. We’ve also been blessed beyond measure to have innumerable family and friends, whom we consider family, that continue to love and support us so well. Experiencing this isn't only life-giving but compels us to continue to do the same.
  • The last life-giving narrative unfolding has been the ability to impact others through personal finance.  I'm thankful that I was given the opportunity, by good friend Robert Den Ouden, to jump into and learn the industry years ago.  Working with individuals and families to regain control of their lives through personal finance has been extremely fulfilling, to say the least.  Going on to create Storyline Financial has stretched my boundaries in many ways, which has been beneficial.  As long as personal finances are obstructing lives from fullness and purpose you can find me working on the front lines.

Outside of these stories you can find Amy and I involved with Young Life, a ministry designed to build genuine relationships with high school kids in order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this so that kids’ lives may be eternally changed. Outside of finance, I enjoy learning new things (through podcasts, books, or YouTube), board games, intentional time with friends, and endurance training. Currently, I'm embarking on the journey to do a triathlon!