Ever Thought To Yourself?

How can I break the cycle of living "paycheck to paycheck"?

How much is enough? Will I ever have enough? Will it continue to be enough?

How do I become a better steward with my money?

How do I eliminate my debt in the best way possible?

Are my investments set up properly?

What should I be planning for?

If so, I'd love to have a conversation with you!


Hi I’m D.J.! I have a knack for personal finance and possess a strong desire to live an overwhelmingly full life! It’s my privilege that I get to help others do the same all while calling it “work”.

I care deeply about people and relationships. I desire helping individuals and families live compelling lives that transform into legacies to be passed on.

Read on to learn more about me and my business!

What To Expect

Christian Focused

Empowering Christians to become better stewards of the resources that God has provided them in order to maximize eternal impact.

CFP® Professional

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional has passed rigorous education, experience, and exam requirements. They also are obligated to uphold continuing education requirements and a strict code of ethics.


I’ve taken a fiduciary oath that binds me to ethically act in your best interest all the time and in every circumstance.


Clearly defined & communicated fee for service. No products, no commissions, no nonsense.

Serving Millennials

Committed to serving an underserved Gen Y populous (those in their 20s & 30s).


Independent of any “parent” firms thus being able serve you without inherent conflicted interests with outside firms.


Financial Coaching

Initial Set-Up Fee: $300 1
Individual: $125 / mo.
Couple: $150 / mo.

Financial Planning

Initial Set-Up Fee: $750 - $995 1
Individual: $150 / mo.
Couple: $200 / mo.

Investment Management3

Assets Managed

$0 and up



1The one-time set-up fee is due up front and can be waived with a 12-month comittment.

2Only available for financial planning clients (not a standalone service)

3SFP investment management fees are included in the financial planning fee. The client will be responsible for any fund expenses, outside manager fees, and trading costs.

Latest News

The fall always marks the time for open enrollment. Don't miss out!

Tis’ the Season for Open Enrollment

You know you’ve arrived to the adult world when “Open Enrollment” catches your eye as something important. Unfortunately, the days are gone when “enrollment” is associated with college classes. Instead, we now get to associate “enrollment” with benefits.  It’s vital that you’re taking advantage of all the benefits that could provide you value considering it’s […]

Hack Your Budget!

Budget hacking is a buzz phrase that’s been circulating the personal finance realm within the last few years. So what is it? Essentially, it’s the process of reviewing your monthly expenses to determine if there are ways to eliminate or reduce them without sacrificing quality of life. We often lose track of our monthly expenses […]

YNAB Review: The Best Budgeting Software I’ve Used

Preface: I’ve only used YNAB 4, so most of my review will be centered around this version of the software.  The newest version was recently introduced with additional features but still retains the same principles and ideals.  Once I transition over to the new YNAB version I will update this blog post accordingly.   The […]

Opportunity Cost: A Valuable Concept You Likely Underutilize

You may be asking yourself, “Why does this term sound so familiar?”  Shame on you for not remembering this concept from your economics class!  I’m just kidding, I’d actually be very impressed if you were still familiar with this concept in a time where older information has a high turnover in our memory to make […]

The 5 W’s of Financial Planning: Do you know them?

It’s always an interesting conversation when I get to explain exactly what I do.  It often results in an educational moment about the subject and disproving what’s currently believed.  For example, when I introduce that I’m a financial planner it’s as if “investment guy” is what’s heard instead.  Don’t get me wrong, this is no […]

Today’s the Day!

There’s only so much planning and preparation that can go into designing a new venture.  Eventually, the first step has to be taken in order start the journey.  As many of you know I’ve been planning and preparing the last few months to launch my own firm.  I won’t lie, it has come with much […]